Grinded Tomatoes Supplies based on demand in Nigeria

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Are you in need of a faster way to get your grinded tomatoes delivered to your location in two hours or less?

This is an on demand service as you get what you order for, once you place an order we get to work to grind your fresh tomatoes in an hygienic environment and deliver to your location in two hours or less. (This services is available to resident of Kano state Nigeria). To know when we will launch in your city, join our email list.

You can also choose to add other product such as pepper or onions, whichever way, they all come in a brand new and neat 13 litre rubber bucket.

This is perfect for;

  • Restaurant
  • Hotels
  • Working class individuals
  • Event managers and planners
  • etc


Place your order with us for five times and get a ten bags of sachet water for free…

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We can provide you with grind tomatoes and other vegetables or spices mix based on your demand. Your order will come in thirteen litre rubbers and delivered to your location within two hours of your order.

This services is only available in Kano state and environs, Nigeria.

Join our email list to know when we launch this service in your city.

So, you do not need to stress yourself anymore on where or how to grind your vegetables and spices such as tomtoes, pepper and onion or a single product such as grinded tomatoes.

We deliver to your location within two hours after you place an order.

To order, add to cart and proceed to checkout. You can contact us to point out what you need in this category of our on demand services and supplies of grinded tomatoes in Nigeria.


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Product Location and Delivery

Kano State Nigeria

Duration of Delivery

2Hours Maximum (within working hours from 8am to 6pm