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How we can help you find international buyers for your agricultural product


Finding importers to buy your agricultural product can be a daunting task and sometimes may seem unachievable.

Non oil export from Nigeria is now a big deal. Hence, the need to revive our economy which is why the Nigerian export promotion council is calling for the private sector of the country to be actively involved in the exportation of agricultural product.

You will agree with me on the blessedness of Nigeria in terms of agricultural product which we have in abundance, from ginger, garlic, kola and many others. Fortunately, there are importers who buy these product on a regular basis from smart exporters.

These exporters make use of the other method for looking for buyers and also get the help of export brokers like us to get international buyers for their agricultural commodities.

Our export brokerage services is completely free but we get a commission after an agreement is being reached between you and the importer and the trade is carried out completely.

Are you into farming and looking for ways to export your farm produce?

An exportation or mini exportation company of agricultural commodities?

Then this is for you, but before you apply, you should be registered with the Nigerian export promotion council.

If you are good to go then click here to apply.