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The Good and Bad Side of Zobo Juice

Zobo juice which can be very tasty especially when made with ginger and other flavours and served chill on a sunny afternoon.

Zobo or zoborodo as it is usually called in the northern part of Nigeria is gotten from the roselle leaves or zobo leaves as known in northern Nigeria.

Apart from the tastiness of zobo juice there are health benefits attached to drinking this juice and there are those who should not take zobo juice or minimize their intake.

Below are the health benefits;

Zobo drink as an antihypertensive 

Zobo drink has the ability to reduce blood cholesterol level by reducing the amount of plaque which accumulates and narrow blood vessels, this in turn leads to high blood pressure.

Zobo with Anti Cancer Properties

Vitamin C is a strong anti oxidant that plays a major role in fixing all body tissues, with no exception to absorption of iron, wound and immune system healing.

Zobo drink is rich in vitamin C thereby capable of protecting your body against cancer with its chemoproective properties.

Zobo Drink as a Kidney Protecting Agent

A critical analysis shows that zobo drink can result to a significant decrease of the uric acid, tartrate, citrate, calcium, sodium and phosphate and improve kidney function.

All the above can make you never leave your zobo drink again. But there are those who should not or minimize the intake of zobo drink.

They are as follow;

Zobo Drink not Safe for Pregnant women

Zobo drink may not be safe for pregnant women as they can give birth to babies with low birth weight. This was concluded in a study published by the African journal for alternative and complementary medicine.

Zobo not Good for Breastfeeding Mothers

A study shows that consumption of zobo drink during the period of breastfeeding reduced maternal food and delay puberty for the female offspring.

Other Facts

With all these, zobo has been scientifically proven to fight anaemia thereby increasing blood packed cell volume. This volume is occupied by the red cells and very useful to detect if anaemia is present or absent.

Fortunately, zobo drink can be made from home with your own specifications, using the zobo leaves. Except you stay in the northern part of Nigeria, zobo leaves can be difficult to find or expensive if seen.

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Then you can make and refrigerate at your convenience for friends and family to enjoy and stay healthy with you. You can also produce for your party and get together.

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